Includes the Letter Factory, Talking Words Factory and Let's Go to School DVDs



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Join in some hopping good times with Leap, Lily and Tad as they go on fun learning adventures!







LeapFrog learning includes toys, books, games and a series of videos designed to introduce preschool children to math and language skills. In the included Letter Factory DVD, Leap, Lily and Tad learn about letter names and sounds as Professor Quigley gives them a tour of a factory where Js jump on trampolines and Ks do karate kicks. In Talking Words Factory, the three siblings watch as amazing machines like the Word Whammer and the Sticky-Ick-O-Rama combine letters to form words. And in Let's Go to School, Tad and Lily are nervous about their first day of school, but their magical firefly pal, Edison, shows them there's a lot of fun to explore with counting, phonics skills and more!

Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.

Product Dimensions: 
Per DVD: 5.50 x 0.80 x 8.00 inches (3 dvd's included)

Product Weight: 
0.25 lbs Per DVD

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